Estate Planning Made Easy

Planning for the distribution, use, and care of your wealth and assets during an extended illness, in your advanced age or after death are all uncomfortable topics for many. The thought alone is stressful; if you are sick or deceased, who will be certain that the things you need to be done with your funds and resources will get done? Who will see that your estate is used to care for those you love, even after you are gone? This is the job of a guardian attorney, and these legal professionals can make planning your estate easier than you can imagine.

What do Guardian Attorneys Do?

A guardian attorney is exactly what it sounds like – a guardian, appointed by a court or other agency to tend to the legal needs of a client. This may be because of physical or mental health conditions, disabilities, age or even death. Whatever the reason, these legal professionals are employed to make sure their clients have a voice in a legal system that may otherwise be overlooked.

Some of the tasks given to these attorneys during the process of estate planning include:

  • Creation of a will
  • Establishing legal guardianship for surviving dependents
  • Assigning power of attorney to responsible parties as needed
  • Making funeral arrangements

These tasks and more help probate attorneys and other professionals who will deal with wealth management after death do their jobs more effectively and help families move on after a loss.

How to Find Your Estate Planning Match

Typically, the best place to start when searching for legal assistance and representation is to look locally. Madison area attorneys Horn & Johnsen SC provide a number of legal services for clients who are concerned about the care and keeping of their wealth after death or infirm years. These include establishing Medicaid planning trusts, helping with planning an estate and more. If you’re looking for the best in Wisconsin legal advice, contact the experts at Horn & Johnsen SC today and make the first steps toward estate planning success.

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