How an Audiologist in Groton CT Chooses Hearing Aids to Fit Every Lifestyle

The barrier in communication hearing loss causes can be hard to cope with. An Audiologist in Groton CT finds the medical reason for hearing loss with an audiology assessment. It, is, in fact, the brain that enables the ear to hear. A hearing test will tell how well the functioning parts of the ear’s anatomy send sound waves to the brain. When an integral part of the functions that enable good hearing goes wrong, there is some type of hearing loss. If hearing loss persists with no hearing aid to enhance sound through the ear drum, it can affect how the brain processes thoughts. The brain may lose some ability to think coherently, leading to dementia.

Lifestyle choice can be the difference between hearing loss with dementia, and hearing loss that’s managed with psychological health intact. Hearing loss is mostly affected by those of advancing age. If there are loved ones close by, they should continue to interact with them and make healthy lifestyle choices. A person with hearing loss living a life in isolation is the worst thing that can happen. An active mind with frequent social, recreational activities helps. Doing that and using a high quality hearing aid is the best way to prevent the health risks of hearing loss.

There are a variety of types and styles for hearing aids. The type of hearing loss a person has helped an Audiologist in Groton CT make the best selection of hearing aids to choose from. All hearing aids have features that address the way hearing loss has impacted the patient. There is the choice to wear a hearing device that’s hidden in the ear too. The kind of environment a person is exposed to when they need to hear matters. Those spending a lot of time in places with surrounding noise need a hearing aid that cancels out distant sounds. Those who have plenty of one on one conversations need a hearing device that sharply brings in vocal sound waves. There are hearing aids for people who spend time in a combination of the two settings. Learn more about us on our website.


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