Key Elements To Consider When Choosing From Graphite Suppliers

While graphite electrodes are not used across a wide range of industries and applications, they essential in the production of steel through the use of electric arc furnaces. They are also used in low-duty melting in ladle metallurgy applications.

For these companies, finding top graphite suppliers to provide the quality and the type of graphite electrodes from small diameter to large diameter will be a priority. With the various demands for the different electric arc furnaces and the need for high levels of electrical conductivity combined with the very high environmental temperatures required for the process, quality and reliability will be key factors.

Product Selection

While most facilities will only require a minimal choice in products, choosing graphite suppliers offering graphite electrodes for multiple industries is always a good option. This ensures the supplier is able to provide a continual supply of electrodes for any type of industrial application.

Depending on the types of application, there may be different grades required in graphite electrodes. This can range from low powered application requirements, the HD and HP to the high powered and high performance SHP and UHP grades.

Additionally, look for graphite suppliers that are able to machine the electrodes to specifications your industry and application requires. Many of the top providers are able to machine to your specifications, which is always a benefit to consider.

Price, Delivery and Customer Service

Product selection and availability will always be essential, but so will price, delivery and customer service. It is essential to work with a supplier with a reputation for on-time delivery as late delivery, even with a top price, is going to be an added cost factor to consider.

Contacting the company and talking to them about any specific requirements your company has with regards to graphite electrodes will provide you with a good insight into the level of customer service you can expect. A supplier that works to provide just the products needed is an advantage for any type of application.


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