Hire Local Movers for Hassle Free Moving in Tulsa

Whether you are moving to a new home across town or your office is maxed out, and you need to relocate, it is time to hire local movers. Tulsa has a few movers that can make your moving experience effortless. Most local movers provide services for residential as well as office moving. Here are few things you can do to get the best service out of your movers in Tulsa.

Make sure you get a single point of contact. It is better to have one person assigned to plan all aspects of your move and is available to address all of your concerns.

Find out if you will be charged hourly or otherwise?

Get an estimate of your moving cost. Most reputable companies provide a free estimate. Before you ask the company rep to come for an in-house estimation, it is wise to figure out what items you will be moving. Consider all items to be moved, including the ones in the basement, storage, garage and even attic.

Will you need full or partial packaging or unpackaging, creating and specialty packing? You may choose to do all of the packing yourself or only partial packing. However, it is a good idea to utilize the packing services of your local movers, especially for valuables and fragile items.

Find out if there are any hidden costs. Ask if there are any surcharges for heavier items, packing material, use of elevator or stairs, if the mover truck cannot be parked exactly at the front door, etc.

Make sure the movers inventory your belongings and give you a copy of the list. It is also a good idea to take pictures of valuables, just in case you need to file a claim for damages later.

Make sure you get extra coverage. Movers are required to provide valuation coverage by federal regulations. Released value protection comes at no additional cost but offers limited liability as it compensates you with 60 cents per pound of lost or damaged goods. Full value protection provides coverage based on the value of contents being transported. It is worthwhile to pay for the extra coverage.

Make sure you are ready to move on the day of moving. Many local movers charge by the hour. Try to have all items ready to be picked up and loaded. Otherwise, it may cost you.


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