There’s a lot more to Lawn Care in Atascosa TX than mowing the lawn every so often. People who want an emerald green lawn in the summer know they have to work year round to achieve that look. The fall season is the perfect time to fertilize, aerate and seed and eradicate persistent weeds. Cool season grasses need to be fertilized in the fall, so they have the nutrients to grow and survive the winter. A cool season grass is one that thrives in hot summers and freezing winters. However, they produce most of their new growth in the moderate temperatures of spring and fall. It’s a good idea to have the soil tested so that the correct fertilizer can be applied to replenish any missing nutrients.

Because cool season grasses grow well in the fall, it’s the perfect time reseed bare or thin areas. Aerating the soil before reseeding helps the grass seeds get the proper amount of nutrients and water. While cool season grasses thrive in the fall, weeds do not. Therefore, the grass has less competition. It is able to establish a strong root system before the spring weeds appear. If a homeowner has problems with persistent weeds such as dandelions or clover, the fall season is a good time to treat them with a herbicide. People who prefer organic treatments can use a vinegar solution. These types of weeds are not merely a cosmetic problem. As these weeds prepare to survive the winter, they pull nutrients out of the soil.

Mowing and other Lawn Care in Atascosa TX tasks should also continue into the fall. People need to ensure that their grass has enough water. If they are experiencing a dry fall season, it may still be necessary to water the lawn. A lawn should be mowed until it becomes dormant and stops growing. If homeowners are considering adding new trees to their landscape, this is the perfect time to prepare the soil. Busy people may not have time to accomplish these important tasks on their own. They can contact a company such as Alfaro Tree Sales that can provide information and assistance.

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