Why Does a Property Wholesaler Need a Real Estate Attorney in Vail?

The real estate wholesaling industry is becoming a bit more popular, and that has one downside. Now that people understand what wholesaling is, they are slowly beginning to put pressure on these savvy investors. Wholesalers should have the backing of a Real Estate Attorney in Vail in their team for a variety of very fair reasons.

Wholesalers are not people who buy properties in bulk, or at least not exactly. Wholesalers are using an intuitive strategy to build their real estate profile. They are obtaining properties under a contract. The contract essentially states that the home can be bought for a specified price after the buyer runs an inspection and does their proper due diligence. Wholesalers are, by extension, selling these contracts to other potential buyers. They are selling it for a higher price than what it is contracted for. The wholesaling agreement subsequently states that this is perfectly acceptable.

The great thing about wholesaling is that it takes no credentials. This is also its Achilles Heel. There are people going into wholesaling because of its blatant accessibility. Unlike being a real estate attorney or a broker/agent, wholesaling is credential-free. That is causing a lot of issues legally. Many wholesalers are getting in trouble because they are not informed about the industry. They do not understand the technical legal aspects that are essential.

A Real Estate Attorney in Vail delivers in that area. They have a firm grasp of the real estate laws, and they can help direct a young wholesaler in the right direction. For example, a wholesaler gets a property under a new contract. Perhaps the seller was only willing to use their contract. The title company rejects the contract because it has unlawful clauses. They cannot authorize a transaction that is on an unlawful basis, just as a contract pertaining to a drug sale cannot exist. The whole deal falls apart, and the wholesaler wasted their time working outside their strength (contract stipulations and details). Wholesalers need that one single attorney on their team, such as Heckman & O’Connor Attorney at Law, that they truly trust. He or she can help avoid bad deals and precarious contracts.


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