Hire a Dog Walker in New York to Lessen Pet Behavioral Difficulties

Dogs like socialization and activity. Therefore, if you have to leave your dog home during the day, make sure you also hire a dog walker in New York to ensure the animal is exercised. A dog that is not exercised can become lethargic, sick, or obese, and may also exhibit behavioral problems because he is not on a regular schedule. Dogs need to have a routine, as it boosts their confidence level and makes them feel less anxious.

In fact, when you hire a dog walker, you can be assured that your pet will receive the proper amount of exercise as well as socialization. When they are young, dogs go through several stages where they can feel fearful. Therefore, it is especially helpful to keep them on track with respect to exercise, feeding, and resting in a stable and comfortable environment.

Physical and Mental Benefits
Dogs also require a good deal of physical exercise in order to feel happy, and a walk around the block on a leash is usually not enough. Instead, long walks on the leash, off-leash runs, or playing chase are better exercise choices. In addition to these activities, dogs also need mental stimulation. Getting out of an apartment and heading to a park is one way for a dog to keep alert and engage his brain.

Behavior problems often result from the health problems that develop from not being able to exercise or walk. Therefore, a dog will become cranky after a while. A lack of exercise can change a dog’s behavior, especially if he is suffering from digestive issues, ear infections, environmental allergies, or arthritis.

Behavior and the Gene Pool
In some instances, issues with behavior can be caused by genetics. Behaviors such as aggression or hyperactivity can be inherited. Therefore, if you are buying a puppy, it is important to find out the temperaments of the parents. However, good socialization through walking can also override any poor genetics. Walking can help a dog by serving as a form of behavior modification.

Again, dogs like to be kept on a consistent schedule. Otherwise, it can throw them off-keel, which can cause them to become nervous or jumpy. Walking with a dog and giving him positive reinforcement are both essential activities if you want a dog to become both companionable and well behaved.

Once more, it is essential to find a dog walker who can help you give your dog the kind of care he deserves when you are not at home or are busy at work. Having a consistent set of activities as well as rules in your home helps your dog see that his environment is not inconsistent, but predictable and safe.


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