Understanding PayPerClick: PPC 101

Given the way online marketing has evolved and grown–in leaps and bounds–it’s a constant surprise to find people who still don’t have the first clue about SEM or ppc services. If you’re in the same boat, here’s a handy explanation from Business2Community to help you out:

PPC, also known as cost per click or CPC, is a type of online ad. Basically, you pay every time a client clicks on one of your ads. This is a type of marketing campaign that allows you to pay in increments.

Different Ad Types
Ads are available in a lot of other types. These include:

  • Pay per call – you pay every time you get a call from a customer about your ad
  • Pay per impression – you pay every time a person sees your ad
  • Pay per mile – you pay every time the number of people who see your ads reach 1000. In roman numerals, mile means thousand. The pay per thousand campaign also works the same way.
  • Pay per acquisition – you pay every time an action happens. You could tie this to every time a person downloads an eBook from your site or fills out a form.
  • Pay per lead – one of the most useful types of this campaign, you only get to pay for something that’s likely to get you sale in the end.

Setting Bids
Most systems online require you to put bids for keywords, which are words or phrases most often used by consumers all over the world to search for the service or product. However, have the foresight to calculate how much it’s going to cost you. Or rather, know how much you’re willing to pay for a click. If you sell cookies, for instance, and make a $200 profit on each one, then you wouldn’t want the cost of a click to go more than one dollar per click. Otherwise, you don’t end up with any profit at all.

Finding Help
If you want to use PPC as a part of your online marketing efforts, and you want someone to help you make that happen, it’s best to call in the services of a professional. Professionals have a better understanding of the market so they know where your PPC campaigns will sell and where they won’t. And by relying on the experts, you can take your PPC earnings even higher.

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