Folding Umbrella: Dryness Made Easy

A folding umbrella is a perfect way to keep dry and warmer on a rainy day. These compact wonders close down into an easy-to-carry wand ready to open up at the push of a button should the storm resume. Nothing works better as you wrestle through the morning crowd to your bus or train and then disembark to finish your commute to your office on foot.

Colors for Any Taste

Whether you prefer cool or warm colors, you’ll find your favorite hue to express your personality through your rain gear. Some prefer the traditional black or gray umbrella, which matches well with formal rain coats and business attire. Others shout out a fun protest to the gloomy weather with neon colors that are sure to make the clouds seek refuge elsewhere and bring out the sunshine.

A folding umbrella can express personality or subdue it; it’s completely up to you. The beauty of these bumper shoots is that they can be as fashionable as they are functional, including coming in animal prints and polka dots for those seeking color and design. No matter what, the handy wrist strap at the end of the shoot’s handle ensures that your umbrella doesn’t fly away, even in Chicago-style weather.

Convenient Carrying Case and Sizes

Even better than a wide variety of colors and patterns, a folding umbrella has a sleek carrying cover that protects the rain gear once you’ve closed it and gone inside. Simply slip the umbrella in its sleeve and store it in your desk or purse until you’re ready to head home at the end of the day. This keeps your umbrella clean and protects the canopy from rips and tears.

Depending on where you live and the severity of your weather, you might find that a mini-umbrella will protect you just as well from the elements. A small umbrella will close to as little as 9 inches in length, and a mini one can be reduced to 5 inches, which is perfect for stuffing into a briefcase or carrying bag. The canopies themselves still provide plenty of circumferences to protect you from the wet weather.

Inclement weather is inconvenient; defending yourself against it doesn’t have to be. Before you head out for your busy day, grab your folding umbrella and slip it out of its carrying case. Push the button to open it and stay dry while heading to your destination. Once you’ve arrived, allow the umbrella to dry and then close it and store it in your purse or briefcase. Now, that’s not inconvenient at all.

A folding umbrella combines function with convenience for those seeking refuge from a rainy day. A folding umbrella can easily be engaged when needed and disengaged and stored when safely inside, whether commuting by bus, car, train, or on foot. To buy Click Here.


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