Heroin Addiction Treatment: Behavioral Therapy

Heroin addiction is a serious issue in America. It is part of a growing opiate problem. The crisis is also a complex one. It is not possible to treat it in a simple, straightforward manner. Heroin addiction is physical. It also impacts behavior and brain functions. As a result, it involves a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach. In other words, to be effective, heroin addiction treatment must look at the individual holistically. In Fort Lauderdale, many reputable treatment facilities combine pharmaceuticals with behavioral therapy.

Behavioral Therapy

As the name indicates, this approach does not focus on the physical. Instead, it concerns itself with the behavior of the addict. It looks at the “why” of addiction, focusing on the reasons behind the addict becoming addicted to a specific drug – in this case, heroin. The therapist works with the patient to learn the causal factors – to discover the “triggers” that send or sent the patient into this addiction spiral. This is essential before the addict can undergo effective therapy.

Types of Behavioral Therapy

Fort Lauderdale is home to diverse dependable facilities offering effective heroin addiction treatment. Not all will provide the same type of behavioral therapy as part of their treatment program. Various types do provide the chance of being successful. Among the most common are:

a. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
b. Contingency Management Interventions
c. Motivational Incentives
d. CBT with Voucher-Based Incentives
e. Motivational Enhancement Therapy
f. Family Behavior Therapy

In the end, the ideal type of behavioral therapy is the kind that addresses the specific issues of the addict.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

Behavioral treatments can be a successful way to treat heroin addiction. Yet as professionals in Fort Lauderdale are certain to stress, it should not be a stand-alone approach. This form of heroin addiction treatment works better in combination with other approaches including medical intervention – specifically the use of pharmaceuticals.


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