How Antistatic Mats Help in Protecting the Workspace

Many businesses use a range of machinery types to produce their products. They have hundreds of workers at any given time working these machines. Electrical equipment will always allow for static electricity to build. This will not only lead to computer glitches and mechanical failure, but also safety risks to workers who are working around the equipment.

All materials, including conductors and insulators emit an electrostatic charge. The electrostatic charge refers to the rapid transfer of electrostatic charge which creates sparks between two different objects. However, on a smaller scale, the electrostatic charge will always occur whenever you walk across certain types of flooring.

Dangers associated with Excess Static
Static electricity is considered to be a bigger problem than ever. More problems have been introduced by the modern high-tech culture in regard to electrostatic discharge and static electricity, especially as the devices become smaller and faster so that sensitivity is increased.

Electrostatic charge Can cause the following:

  • Sparks which can cause fires
  • Equipment failures or malfunctioning
  • Buildup of contaminants within the fibrous surfaces
  • Destruction or damage to the sensitive electrostatic components

Using an antistatic mat to help in eliminating excess static will help in minimizing the probability of computer failures and the number of hours required to replace the lost files and work.

Anti-Static Technology
It is beneficial for both offices and manufacturing facilities to invest in anti-static mats. These mats are capable of removing static electricity from individuals before they get to the sensitive items. Facility managers and business owners usually use static dissipative mats to help them surround the sensitive types of equipment which can experience shortages.

Placing these mats near equipment will not only help in reducing the static from warehouse equipment or office equipment, but will also help in keeping the surface clean.

At, we stock and offer several types of pre-cut anti-static mat kits with grounding hardware at various sizes and lengths.


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