Consider The Durable Option of Laminate Flooring Square Edged

There are typically two common types of laminate flooring placed in a home or business: micro beveled and square edged. Both offer benefits and advantages unique to each type. That said, the choice of laminate flooring square edged boards will allow you to create a more seamless, beautiful floor in any room of your property with professional help. Micro beveled flooring will prove much more forgiving of mistakes and less likely to receive damage by accident during installation but square edge flooring will provide a much more modern look and bring the beauty of your home or business to an entirely new level.

Clean and Sleek

One of the most common reasons why people from all over the world choose laminate flooring square is that they enjoy a smooth, sleek finish without the darker lines that break up micro beveled flooring. This look will offer an ideal image for any business or home with a more formal appeal and it will lend itself perfectly to minimalistic and complex décor alike. With micro beveling, you see a thin, dark line around the perimeter of each board that may disrupt appearance and potentially detract from its beauty but square edged boards show no such interruption and remain flush against one another.

Perfect Against Signature Décor

Some home and business owners take advantage of a single piece of furniture, such as an antique mahogany coffee table, and use it as the key feature of a room’s décor. Laminate flooring square edged boards provide an uninterrupted atmosphere around the piece and allow it to stand out even more. You may choose from either dark, medium, or light colors for the perfect pairing. This gorgeous flooring will look designer-inspired in its own right and you may change the color and style from one room to the next with the help of Carpet Clearance Warehouse professionals. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.


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