Have a Blast: How Dust Collection Has Changed

A blasting cabinet is an enclosed device that uses abrasive compounds to removed deposits from surfaces without damaging the underlying item. These cabinets are available in stationary or portable models. In the past, most cabinets used wet materials and the abrasive was simply thrown into the water. The cabinet itself acted to keep the waste contained. Technology advanced and the dry system was developed. Now the problem was dust collection. Early models provided dust collection with little more than a sock through which the air was pushed. While the basic technology of blasting cabinets has remained relatively the same for many years, the dust collection system has greatly improved.

Collecting Fine Dust Particles

Today’s abrasive dusts can be as small as 25 microns and as large as steel shot, which required great improvements in collectors. According to EngineBuilderMag.com, the dust collector is the most important part of a blasting cabinet and may make up half the cost of the equipment.

Today’s collectors are pneumatic vibrators that operate on an automatic cycle to clean the machine while it is operation. Such collectors are easily serviced and self-cleaning. The dust collection system, gun size and delivery method, as well as the part condition, must be matched to successful daily operation. Centralized freestanding dust collectors may be the best option for businesses with multiple shifts that use multiple guns.

The Right Machine

The choice of abrasives and the type of delivery for a specific material is vital. Each abrasive and delivery has a best use. One type cannot do everything desires to achieve the best final result.

Blasting equipment is expensive, but if gun size is doubled production can be as much as quadrupled for an added expense of between three and five-thousand dollars. Imagine the savings in labor and business expense with the ability to blast up to nine parts instead of one in the same time period. The added cost of the initial purchase will prove to be a bargain.

Choice of the right blasting machine requires understanding the needs of your business, the technology needed for both the machine and collector, and your production goals. But whatever you do, have a blast.


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