Boarding and Dog Daycare Services in Chicago

Dogs of any breed require stimulation and exercise every day. If that is not provided, the dog can become destructive, noisy, ill-tempered, and even aggressive. That is why the couch is chewed on, slippers disappear, and lamps are on the floor when people arrive home from school or work.

Do Some Research

It is time to consider Dog Daycare Services in Chicago for the well-being of the animal and peace of mind for the family. Rates are competitive so do some research regarding companies. The activities, facilities, and staffing levels should be researched as well.

Visit the facility to determine if space is large enough, climate-controlled, and includes both indoor and outdoor runs or play area. Schedule an appointment to speak with the manager. Ask about daily routines, what food and water are available, and how the staff deal with scuffles between dogs. If the dog is on medication, be sure to ask if there is anyone on staff who can administer it.


The dog will be calmer, happier, healthier, and less destructive. It will have burned off energy and had interactions with other dogs as well as people. Barking will decrease, the home will not be in shambles, and the family time with the dog is more enjoyable. If there are financial constraints, register the dog for Dog Daycare Services in Chicago two or three days a week.


It is not always possible, safe, or wise to bring the dog along on family vacations. Boarding services are offered in such cases. Boarding where the dog attends daycare is the ideal solution because the animal is familiar with the surroundings and staff. While at the facility, the dog can attend obedience classes if the owner so desires.

Once owners know more about us, they explore the possibilities of obedience training. This service is completed by professional trainers, some of whom have been training dogs for twenty-five years. There is a boot camp, a private lessons package, and a puppy introduction class. Free evaluations for training classes begin the process. There are classes for owners to help reinforce training as well as classes attended by both dog and owner.


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