Hassle-free Auto Body Repair Shops in Newport News, VA

When it comes to your vehicle, safety matters. Your vehicles transport not only you, but your family, including your children, as well. There are also the other occupants of the vehicles on the road that you will want to consider. From time to time, unfortunately, your vehicle may need some type of body repair. Body repairs are more than cosmetic; they can be structural, as well. It’s important to use auto body repair shops that you can trust.

Services Offered to Clients

Auto body repair shops in Newport News, VA offer many high-quality services to their clients to meet all of their auto body shop needs. The professionals offer frame straightening, structural repairs, welding, mig welding, painting, dent removal, paint matching, wheel alignment, towing, and glass repair.

Not only do you want your vehicle to be structurally sound, but you want your vehicle to look good as well. This is where paint matching comes in. Auto body shops use paint matching technology to ensure a perfect match each and every time.

Why Choose the Professionals When it Comes to Auto Body Repair and Restoration?

The professionals are trained in the repair and restoration of every make and model. Each repair is made to the manufacturer’s specifications. There isn’t any guessing; precision is extremely important. Bruce’s Super Body Shops are more than happy to offer free no obligation estimates. Evaluation of your car is completed inside where there’s plenty of light to give an accurate estimate. For the sake of your car, the environment is kept clean with vacuums to keep down dust and other debris. Count on the professionals to repair and restore your vehicle back to a brand-new look and manufacturer specifications.


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