A Bail Bond Agent in Midwest City Oklahoma Assists in a Discriminatory System

More than 100 years ago, U.S. citizens were beginning to express concern about poor people having to stay behind bars after being arrested and waiting for trial. In the meantime, those with money in the bank and high enough incomes were able to afford bail and their release from jail. Today, a bail bond agent in Midwest City Oklahoma helps customers by posting a surety bond for their release in exchange for a percentage of the total bail amount.

A Discriminatory System

U.S. residents are increasingly calling for a change in the bail system, understanding that the current procedures do not provide justice for all. A person earning $18,000 per year may have to stay in jail until the trial date, while a person earning $50,000 a year who has been charged with the same crime can easily pay bail.

Helping People Regain Their Freedom

Bail bonding services like Ken Boyer Bail Bonds have been formed in an effort to assist people caught in this discriminatory situation that so strongly favors wealthier members of society. When someone would have to stay in jail until trial, this person tends to be more eager to accept a plea bargain. The plea deal may allow the person to be released without any jail sentence, but now the record will always show that he or she was guilty of a criminal offense.

Grateful for the Service

Even people who use a bail bonding service are at a disadvantage over those who can pay full bail. The full bail amount is returned to those who paid, even if they are found guilty and have to spend time in prison. In contrast, the bonding company needs to charge a fee for the service to cover its own expenses and make some sort of profit.

Nevertheless, people who have been arrested are immensely grateful for the service of a Bail Bond Agent in Midwest City Oklahoma, as otherwise they might be trapped in jail for weeks or even months awaiting trial. More than half of people in U.S. jails have not yet been convicted of a crime. That amounts to about 500,000 inmates.


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