Gourmet Fruitcake For the Discerning Pallet

While some relegate the gourmet fruitcake to an obligatory appearance at Christmas, and Johnny Carson once quipped about the unsuitability of a fruitcake as a gift, stating “There is only one fruitcake in the entire world, and people keep sending it to each other”, this holiday treat no longer deserves the disrespect it receives.

The trend to make humble foods into something memorable has seen a dramatic increase on the internet and the ability to share ideas. Fruitcakes are just one of the foods which are very different than those we may remember having tried as children.

Fruitcake recipes abound now and, although they often still use the brightly colored and instantly recognizable fruits, by using high-quality ingredients and trying as many different recipes as possible, eventually one can be found which deserves the gourmet distinction.

Another method of locating a gourmet fruitcake is to run an internet search. A few minutes on a search engine revealed the favorites purchased online by celebrities, chefs, and even royalty. The fruitcake preferred by England’s Royal Family is available as is the gourmet fruitcake which has been the choice in the White House for most of the Presidents in the 20th century.

In addition, what the primary flavors are in the cakes, the distinction of fruitcakes will depend on where they are located in the world. Not only do European fruitcakes differ dramatically from those in America, but one country’s choice may differ considerably from their neighboring country.

Of course, since alcohol is a large part of the recipes, the type of liquor used can often not only give the fruitcake a specific flavor, but the quality of the spirit can have a definite effect on whether the result is worthy of being called a gourmet fruitcake or not.


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