Reviewing the Basics with Social Security Lawyers in Tulsa

In Oklahoma, the basics of filing Social Security claims outline how claimants acquire the benefits and any issues that could arise. The system requires all applications to be approved by the Disability Determination Services and the Social Security Administration. Social Security lawyers in Tulsa present the claimant’s case to the court after the agencies deny the claim.

All Claims Start with Applications

All disability claims start with an application that is sent to the Social Security Administration. The applications are forwarded to the Disability Determination Service first. The agency determines if the claims present evidence of an eligible condition. If it does, the application is sent to the SSA directly.

Social Security Administration Doctors

The SSA requires all applicants to attend two separate doctor’s appointments. The first is with a general medicine doctor to assess any physical disabilities. The second is with a psychiatric doctor to evaluate any mental conditions reported by the claimant. The findings from each appointment determine the claimant’s eligibility. The doctors aren’t qualified to treat or evaluate certain conditions always, and this leads to denials.

Appeals or Lawsuits

The next step after a denial is to either start an appeal or file a lawsuit. An appeal is a reconsideration which is conducted by the SSA. The agency re-evaluates the claim. There aren’t any guarantees that the claimant is approved at the appeals level. A legal claim places the decision in the hands of a judge and jury. The SSA doesn’t have any power over the decision.

What to Expect

If the claimant files a legal claim, they have a chance to acquire benefits through the court. The legal action helps the claimant to avoid common issues with the SSA and the proverbial red tape. The lawsuit could increase the total payout for the claimant if they win as well.

In Oklahoma, the Social Security Disability program requires the claimant to acquire approval before receiving benefits. Approval isn’t easy to achieve, and many claimants won’t receive benefits the first time they apply. A local attorney could help claimants who are denied benefits. Disabled individuals who need to start legal claims can contact Social Security lawyers in Tulsa by visiting today.


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