The Traditional Fruit Cake

Whether you love it or hate it, fruit cake is a tradition in almost every country. There are several different versions of a traditional fruit cake, depending on which country you live in, but most of them are all similar.

Most people know that traditional fruit cakes can be traced back thousands of years back to before the Middle Ages when they used barley, pine nuts, pomegranate seeds, and raisins.

Fruit cakes are now made in many countries from the Bahamas where they soak absolutely everything in rum, to Canada where it is almost only a Christmas treat. In Germany, it is also a Christmas tradition. In England, traditional fruit cakes are served at weddings. Italy calls their version of fruit cake Panforte. In Romania, fruit cake is served at every important holiday.

The United States has the largest mass-produced fruit cakes in the world. While many of the traditional recipes call for a rum or brandy to be added to the cake and it can also be coated with powdered sugar. However, most of the cakes that are mass produced do not contain any alcohol.

Many holiday seasons would not be complete without a traditional fruit cake sitting in its place of honor on the holiday table. This dense cake is holiday magic and delicious. Mom, dad, grandparents, and grandkids all enjoy sitting around the fire eating a slice of this delicious fruity cake. It is what makes holidays special. The best part is traditional fruit cakes make great gifts. Everyone loves them!

No matter where you live, it is most likely that traditional fruit cakes have a long and rich history in your country. So, whether you have yours smothered in alcohol or topped with a sweet icing, every time you have one of these treats you are eating a small part of history.


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