Fun Facts About Petroleum From Oil Companies In Long Island NY

Oil is used every day by just about every adult in America. Although this is a widely-used commodity, it is not something that most people really think about. On that note, feed your brain with some of these interesting facts about petroleum from Oil Companies Long Island NY.

  • Crude oil is the base ingredient for a plethora of things including gasoline, pharmaceuticals, and, of course, gasoline.
  • The word petroleum is Greek in origin. Its literal meaning breaks down to “rock oil” as “petra” is Latin for rock and “oleum” is Latin for oil.
  • Just over half of all the oil used in the United States is used in some capacity by the transportation industry.
  • Three states in America account for almost half of all the oil refining capacity: California, Texas, and Louisiana. In fact, as far as crude oil goes, Texas by itself produces enough oil to have 5 billion barrels of it in reserves.
  • Crude oil is measured in a unit known as barrels. One barrel of oil is the equivalent of 42 gallons. This means that Oil Companies Long Island NY are delivering a lot of oil everyday.
  • The process of creating oil takes millions of years. It is the result of organic materials breaking down due to intense heat and pressure. This is why it called a “fossil fuel.”
  • Surprisingly, the state of New York uses the least amount of energy per-capita for any state in the country. Even so, Oil Companies Long Island NY are still incredibly busy delivering oil on a daily basis.
  • Oil has actually been used by people for at least 5000 years. Historical records show that ancient people used it for medicine to treat such diseases as gout and even frostbite.
  • Americans consume twice as much gasoline as the population of China and India combined. In fact, even though the United States is home to only 4% of the entire population of the world, the country uses 25% of the oil produced worldwide.

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