The Benefits Of Working With Auto Accident Lawyers

When a serious accident occurs where there are injuries, knowing what to expect and what to do can be a challenge. In many situations, the injured drivers and passengers in the accident make simple errors that can jeopardize their ability to reach a fair settlement on their claim.

By involving auto accident lawyers quickly after the accident, costly mistakes can be avoided. Too often, insurance adjusters take advantage of people that are unsure of the process and offer quick, low settlements to try to get the cases settled for the lowest possible amount.

Here are some common mistakes that auto accident lawyers can warn people about before errors are made. Once these statements or actions are taken, it is often impossible to reverse the damage, even with an attorney on your side.

No Social Media

One of the biggest mistakes that auto accident lawyers see now is the posting of pictures and text about an accident on social media. This is evidence that can be used against your case, even if you think the picture or post actually helps. Avoid any social media discussions about an accident until talking to your attorney.

Missing Deadlines

Don’t ignore deadlines and requests for information regarding the accident after you have retained an attorney. If you aren’t sure if the information request is valid, talk to your attorney first. Do not talk to the insurance adjuster for the at-fault driver until meeting with your legal representative.

Misleading Information

Do not provide misleading information to the other drivers at the scene, to the police at the scene or to the insurance companies. It is also important not to admit guilt or take responsibility for the accident before talking to your attorney.

It will be important to be open and honest with your car accident attorney. It is possible to have some fault in an accident and still be able to file a claim. Your attorney can evaluate your case and let you know if there is a possibility of a claim.


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