Finding The Best Doggie Day Care Franchise For Your Dog

In North America, the number of people who have dogs instead of children is growing. In response to owners who want to ensure their dog receives the best care, the country has seen a growth in facilities providing doggie day care. A franchise or independent neighborhood business is common. The issue is not which type is better for your pet, but which is the best fit. In Fanwood, where both types are available, it is essential you know what to ask before dropping off your dog.

What to Consider
If you want your pet to have a good time, be comfortable and enjoy his or her time away from home, you need to carefully look at various centers. Compile a list of available facilities. Look at each accordingly:

  • Facility: Be sure to visit each of the day care centers. Examine the spaces in terms of:
    • Cleanliness
    • Number of rooms for play and quiet time
    • Outside area for bathroom breaks and even running
    • Staff ratio to number of dogs per room – ideally this is said to be 1:10
    • Do they have rooms for older dogs versus puppies?
  • Activities: Is it all about playing? It should not be. Most dogs need time to relax, go the bathroom and have alone time.
  • Staff: How many are on hand? What type of training do they have? Are they certified in animal behavior? How much experience do they have?
  • Toys: Does the doggie day care franchise provide toys? If so, what types are available? Not all dogs enjoy the same kind e.g. plush, squeaky

Doggie Day Care Franchise
If you live in Fanwood, you might want to consider whether a doggie day care franchise offers a suitable environment for your dog. Screen each potential facility. Be certain to visit. Only allow attendance only after you are certain your dog and the center are a good fit.

If you are looking for a way to treat your dog while you are away at work, consider K9 Resorts. They offer excellent care as part of their Doggie Daycare Franchise in Fanwood. Whether you need day care facilities or are looking for a multi-award-winning luxury pet hotel, contact their caring professional staff online at They are always willing to provide the best care possible for your favorite dog.


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