Three Pro-Tips to Help Your Dog with Agility Training in Chicago

Home dog agility training in Chicago is a little different than some other areas of the country, thanks to our fabulous white winter every year. These tips are meant to help you and your dog get some extra work in whenever you can.

1. Be Realistic

The first thing we all have to realize as dog owners is that while agility training can help our pets be more obedient overall, it is primarily intended for fun and exercise. This means there is no reason to apply undue pressure on our dogs to master training in any sort of time frame. Dogs will learn at their own pace, and that is ok.

2. Think About Your Dog

Dogs do not have long attention spans. This is why it is best to do your home training and practicing in short bursts no more than 10 minutes each. This gives your pet time to enjoy and learn without getting too bored or distracted.

3. Work On You as a Handler

A big part of agility training is the communication between the handler and their dog. You can help foster this connection by working closely with your pet at home. This can be done by training your dog to walk on both sides of your body, and then slowly working your way up to jogging or running.

To really get your dog excited and having fun, inquire about our dog agility training in Chicago. Visit the Chicago Canine Academy at

to learn more about our dog training courses in the Chicagoland area and more.


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