Long Lasting Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions

Taking care of your natural hair should always be a consideration when you are adding hair extensions. Unfortunately, glues and sewing in hair can cause damage to the cuticle of your natural hair. Luckily there is an option that gives you the durability of glues and sewn in hair without the damaging effects. Keratin fusion hair extensions offers the stability that you want without none of the negative side effects.

Keratin fusion is one of the most stable ways to add volume and length to your hair. Keratin infusion allows extensions to seamlessly attach to your natural hair. The bonding process requires no glue. The Keratin bond stays firmly in place for about 4 months.

The Type of Hair
To get the best results from this process there are a few caveats that you should be aware of:

  • The quality of the hair is important
  • The tips should be pure Keratin
  • The tips should be formulated for easy removal

Keratin fusion hair extensions will give you the results you want but you must look to the quality of the hair. High quality human hair will blend naturally with your natural hair. You will be able to style it as you would human hair and not have to worry about tangling, melting and other damage. Be sure that you also select the hair that is made with pure Keratin tips. You will get the best results with pure Keratin. Also, be sure that they can be easily removed without damaging your hair when the time comes to remove them.

The Source
One of the best ways to ensure that you will have the best fusion experience is to make sure the extensions come from a trusted source. La Crowne Premium Hair Extensions is a great source!


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