Filing a Dog Attack Claim with Personal Injury Attorneys in Tacoma, WA

In Washington, pet owners must follow local laws and city ordinances related to their dogs. Local leash laws are in place to lower the probability of a dog attack. Select cities may also require the pet owner to keep their dogs within exterior enclosures when they are outside. The purpose of these laws and regulations are to keep the public safe at all times. Personal injury attorneys in Tacoma, WA represent victims of these attacks.

Full Details About the Attack

The victim provides a full account of the attack. They must identify the dog that attacked them and where the dog was located. They must present evidence of their injuries and the total cost of their medical treatment. They must also report the dog to the animal control officer.

The Animal Control Officer’s Findings

The findings of the animal control officer dictate if the dog is a danger to the public. First, the officer determines if the dog was vaccinated for rabies. If not, the pet owner must surrender the animal to a licensed vet for a quarantine period of up to twelve days to determine if the dog has rabies. The vet submits their report to the animal control officer. The pet owner is charged a fine for a failure to get the dog vaccinated. They must pay the full cost of boarding and vaccination services.

Medical Records and Forensic Assessments

The victim must provide their medical records to their attorney. The attorney provides the records to a forensics’ lab if the medical records don’t show conclusive evidence of how the attack occurred. Any findings of the forensics lab are submitted with the victim’s claim.

Previous Records of Attacks

A strict liability applies if there is a record of previous attacks. This entitles the victim to tort-based damages for pain and suffering. The pet owner may face criminal charges based on a threat to the public.

In Washington, strict laws apply to pet owners that outline liabilities associated with potential dog attacks. The pet owners are responsible for preventing their dog from attacking their neighbors or visitors. Victims of a dog attack can speak to personal injury attorneys in Tacoma, WA by visiting today.


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