5 Reasons to Hire a DUI Attorney

If you’re involved in a DUI charge, here are 5 reasons why the first thing on your list should be to hire a DUI attorney in Somerset County:

This isn’t your first time

Second offenses are much more likely to end up with stiffer fines and penalties. You’ll need a lawyer to handle your case if you want favorable outcomes. At the very least, you’ll have someone who’ll work to reduce your charges or lower your fines and penalties.

Someone was injured

If the accident has put someone in the hospital for critical serious or it resulted in death, then hiring a lawyer is a must. You’ll need one to defend your case and improve any chances of getting off with a lighter sentence.

You aren’t at fault

If you truly believe you aren’t at fault for the accident, a lawyer can protect your rights, look out for your bests interests and ensure you have a fair chance at a favorable outcome. After all, not all accidents meet the conditions of a liability case. If yours don’t, an excellent and aggressive DUI attorney in Somerset County will find that out and help prove your innocence in court.

You drive for a living

A commercial driver? You’ll need a lawyer not only for the possible ramifications a DUI charge will have on your career but on how it can affect your future job prospects and reputation in the field too, especially if the accident wasn’t your fault in the first place. A lawyer can help you clear your name and regain your reputation.

The law is complex

The ISFMA says DUI laws are complex. That’s why it’s better to hire a lawyer to handle the legal end of things for you. From law codes to filing and completing forms, a lawyer can give you a better understanding of the situation you face.


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