Slips, Trips and Falls: Causes and How to Prevent Them

Workplace slips, trips and falls account for about 15 percent of all accident deaths every year, says Reliable Plant. Those numbers put slip and fall accidents as the second-leading cause of death, just behind motor vehicle crashes. These also make about 25 percent of all reported injury claims every year and cause about 95 million in lost work days, which is about 65 percent of all work days lost.

Common causes

There are plenty of situations that cause slips, trips and falls. Some of these include: wet and greasy floors, uneven walking surfaces, loose flooring, carpeting or mats and damaged or irregular steps on the stairs. The absence of handrails on the stairs can also cause accidents.

Safer environment

Prevent these accidents and create a safer working environment with the following guidelines:

  • Improve housekeeping practices. Clean and well-organized facilities will effectively reduce any chances of workplace accidents.
  • Add traction. Slippery or wet surfaces are a common cause of slip accidents. If you have a ramp, make sure to add traction or skid-resistant surfaces. Remove snow and ice and keep it clean and in good condition to lessen the risks of accidents.
  • Fix your lighting. Poor lighting could be a major reason for the accidents in your plant. Fix and maintain your lighting to ensure better visibility for your employees.

Practical tips

Use slip-resistant footwear. Always be vigilant. Stay on your guard so you can identify situations that could cause accidents and avoid them. Cultivate a ‘safety first’ mindset at work.

Legal help

Had a bad fall? Make the situation easier to deal with. Hire a slip and fall lawyer to help you. If you’re wondering whether you have grounds to file for a claim or how much your lawsuit will be worth, consult with a slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible.


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