Equipment Used for Professional Lot Clearing in White Bear Lake, Minnesota

If a lot has become severely overgrown, property owners will have to clear trees, shrubs, stumps, and other living matter from it before they can make any practical use of the lot. Most property owners choose to hire a professional contractor for Lot Clearing in White Bear Lake Minnesota not just because the work itself is difficult but because a good deal of specialized equipment is required. Read on to find out about a few of the different types of equipment that tree services tend to keep on hand for lot clearing below.

Feller Bunchers and Chainsaws

This type of heavy-duty equipment is able to cut and collect trees before they are felled, making it easy to clear a piece of land that is heavily wooded. Of course, this type of equipment won’t always be appropriate. Some trees will need to be felled using industrial-grade chainsaws.

Whole Tree Chippers

A whole-tree chipper is similar to a general-purpose wood chipper but is able to operate on a much larger scale. While the small wood chippers used by landscapers are only able to process small branches, a whole-tree chipper can quickly and efficiently chip even large trees with diameters of around 30 inches.

Stump Grinders

Stump grinders are used to grind stumps and mulch both the stumps and any root masses they may have. They are able to function up to three feet below the ground’s surface and are an absolute necessity for anyone attempting to clear land. Without a stump grinder, removing stumps by hand would be incredibly inefficient and physically taxing.

Tree Skidders

Tree skidders are used to bundle and transport both logs and branches to someplace they can be chipped. Using this specialized equipment allows contractors performing Lot Clearing in White Bear Lake Minnesota to manage their worksites efficiently.

Brush Mowers

Although removing trees and large shrubs often constitutes the most difficult part of lot clearing, it certainly isn’t the only thing that contractors must do. They just also remove dense thickets and brush from the area. This is usually accomplished with a hydro-ax brush mower.

Learn More Today

Needless to say, property owners who do not have access to this type of heavy equipment are better off hiring professional contractors that do. Visit Timberline Tree Service online today to learn more.


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