2 Cool and Clever Uses For Wood Chips in St. Paul, MN

Wood chips are the smaller solid pieces of wood that are usually left over from chipping or cutting larger pieces of wood. At first, they may not seem very interesting or useful. However, there are actually some pretty cool and clever uses for wood chips in St Paul MN:

Fire Up The Grill

For a unique smoky flavor and quick ignite, choose wood chips next time you grill food for a BBQ or outdoor event. For a gas grill, soak a couple handfuls of wood chips in cold water for about a half an hour. From there, place the soaked wood chips in a grill-safe smoker box and place the box directly on the grill. Once the chips begin to smoke, place the food on the grill and allow the food to absorb the flavor and scent either directly or indirectly. For charcoal grills, soak the woodchips for a half an hour in cold water. Once soaked, place the wood chips directly on the hot coals. Once the chips begin to break down and smoke, place the food on the grill.

Certain types of wood chips will produce certain types of flavors. For example, maple wood will end up producing a sweet smoky flavor that is perfect for pork or poultry. Hickory wood will end up producing a very strong and full smoky flavor that is perfect for red meats.

Biodegradable Cat Litter

Wood is biodegradable, meaning it can be absorbed back into the ground and earth without causing any environmental hazard. Store-bought cat litter, on the other hand, is usually not biodegradable. Instead of using clay litter, use wood chips. Wood chips absorb urine better. In turn, you will not have to deal with a pungent smell coming from the cats litter box. Because the wood ends up lasting longer, wood chips are also less expensive than store-bought cat litters. In turn, you will not need to scoop the litter box as frequently, and you will be saving money in the process.

To use wood chips for cat litter, simply fill up the litter box halfway with wood chips. Sprinkle some baking soda on the chips to further reduce the odor. Do not flush the litter down the toilet when discarding the litter. Instead, compost it or throw it in the garbage. These two innovative uses for wood chips in St. Paul MN, are money savers and eco-friendly alternatives.


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