An Auto Accident Injury Lawyer in Madison, VA Helps Clients Obtain Compensation for Emotional Trauma

Emotional distress caused by a serious accident is an intangible factor that’s not easily diagnosed the way fractures, concussions and wounds are. Nevertheless, an auto accident injury lawyer in Madison, VA may include a demand for financial compensation for psychological trauma if the client experiences chronic anxiety, panic attacks, depression, or other disabling mental states connected with the incident.

A Real Effect

Even though emotional trauma cannot be diagnosed with a blood test or an X-ray, it’s a very real negative effect. Recent research shows that post-traumatic stress is common after serious vehicle accidents. Sudden severe physical injury can cause this type of distress, and people who have experienced this kind of incident may feel a loss of control in their everyday lives. They never know when a terrible episode might happen, seemingly out of nowhere.

Evidence of Emotional Trauma

To qualify for compensation, the level of distress must be severe and verified by a psychologist or psychiatrist. Other witnesses may give statements to an auto accident injury lawyer in Madison, VA to confirm that the client behaves in ways indicating a certain level of emotional trauma. Family members, friends and work colleagues may have noticed signs of insomnia, an inability to concentrate, unusual anger outbursts, and other behavior that is out of character for this person. The insurer justifiably expects strong evidence that the emotional trauma exists and is having significant detrimental effects on the person’s life.

It can be difficult to put a monetary price on panic attacks and other emotionally-related symptoms. Nevertheless, attorneys with a firm such as Gayheart & Willis consider aspects like whether the client is missing work, is fearful of riding in vehicles, and has experienced negative effects on relationships. Click here for details on this particular organization.

When Every Paycheck Counts

When someone has been injured in an accident and cannot return to work for several weeks or months, it can be exceedingly problematic when every paycheck counts. They can hire a personal injury attorney without having to pay upfront fees and, instead, become a client on a contingency fee basis, paying a percentage of their settlement only after they receive the money.


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