Dip-Molded Disposables Will Suit Your Needs

When the time comes to make your next plastic product that needs to be produced on a large scale in a high-quality form, you should consider the dip molding process. No matter what the plastic product is, dip molding has clear advantages that set it apart from other methods of plastic molding and make it ideal for both the processes of coating extant objects and creating dip-molded disposables that your customers can use appropriately and then discard when they are done.

The Dip Molding Process

When something is dip molded, you may wonder what exactly happens to make the final product. Essentially, a mold is dipped into a liquid plastic solution made of PVC, nylon, or other plastic polymers. The mold is then removed and the plastic hardens into the shape of the item that is being molded. This molding process is very quick, and it allows the mold to be reused over and over again so that the items can be mass produced. When the items are all complete, they can then be shipped to you for sale or for assembling the components of larger items that have plastic pieces included in them.

This process has two key advantages over other plastic casting techniques: cost and customization. Because the mold used for making your dip-molded disposables can be rapidly reused in a fairly automated process, the cost per item is very low. There is a low amount of work required to actually cast the mold, so the costs mainly come from making the mold itself and generating and melting the plastic to your specifications. Because you pay so little for each item that you mold, it makes sense to use this process for items that are intended to be disposable, such as packaging inserts, small knick-knacks, and syringes. While this process is great for disposables, it is also robust enough for standard molding needs.

Customization and Quality

Customization is the other clear advantage of dip molding all of your products. When you contract a company to take care of your dip molding needs, you can specify the color, the texture, and even the thickness of the plastic in your final product. This will take the guesswork out of your manufacturing needs so that you can spend more time focusing on what is important—namely, selling top-quality products that your customers will love.

To figure out if dip-molded disposables are the answer to your plastic goods manufacturing needs, contact a plastics company online or by phone. They can give you a consultation that will help explain to you the advantages of the process, and they will even give you a competitively priced quote that will allow you to see just how well this method will fit with your budget.


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