Tips for Pet Training in Alexandria VA

You just finished adopting or buying your new little friend. Now, the real work begins. Animals are like children; they need to be trained and raised. They don’t know the difference between good and bad behaviors. Once they’re under your care, you have the responsibility to teach them. Training a pet can be intimidating and scary for some people. It’s just like parenting, so the methods necessary will vary, but there are a few tips to keep in mind that guarantee successful training for your pet.

Reward Good Behavior

In order to understand the difference between good and bad behaviors, pets may need something to back it up. Use rewards such as toys, foods, or praise when your pet does something good. By rewarding them, it lets them know that they’re doing something right. They associate the treat with the behavior and will eventually want to keep it, so they can get more. It also lets them know that they’re making you happy.


A pet is not an object. It has feelings and knows how to express them. Learn to listen to your pet. Notice what works and what doesn’t. Training won’t work if you’re not paying attention to their issues. If they really don’t like a particular person, don’t force them to go up to them or greet them all the time. If they don’t like a certain food, don’t force feed them.

Watch Your Body Language

Many pets can tell when you’re upset or happy. Both of these emotions will rub off of them. You have to watch your body language, so you don’t send the wrong message. If you act upset too many times, the pet can start to fear you, and that’s not good for its mental health nor the training.

Be Consistent

Know your own rules before you start training. You can’t keep switching the rules every week. Otherwise, you will confuse the animal. It’s also best that everyone in the household follows the same set of rules. One person can’t be okay with the pet on the couch while someone else gets upset because of it. It has to be a consistent rule for the pet to follow it.

Hayfield Animal Hospital can provide Pet Training in Alexandria VA. If you need a little more help to take care of your pet, Contact us.


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