Day Spas and Medical Spas Provide Beauty Treatment in Westport CT

Medical and day spas offer treatments for relaxation, improving one’s appearance and health. The difference between medical and day spas is the type of offered treatments. Medical day spas offer more extensive and professional services that require the oversight of a medical director and team of certified medical professionals. Skin treatments available from a medical day spa are similar to services offered by a professional dermatologist’s office. Those seeking beauty treatment in Westport CT can visit our website for full details on the array of services and treatments available.

Day Spas

A day spa is a facility most people go to spend the day to relax and purchase superficial beauty treatments. Typical services include manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, body wraps, and aromatherapy. Day spas have also become popular places to participate in yoga classes, health cleanses, and strategies for improving one’s physical appearance. Pricing for these services can vary by location, but many facilities offering Beauty Treatment in Westport CT offer package discounts and bundled services.

Medical Spas

The array of services offered by a medical spa go beyond superficial treatments. Medical grade facials, chemical peels, laser treatments for scars and discolorations, dermal fillers, and body sculpting are common treatments available at a medical spa. Since these treatments call for the need for specialized medical knowledge, trained professionals and medical supervisors are on staff to oversee and administer the treatments. Consultations may be necessary before the treatments are administered.

Spending the day at a day or medical spa can be a great relaxing experience. It can also be an opportunity to improve one’s appearance or spend time with family and friends. A medical spa can be a stress-free way to seek professional grade skin treatments, especially in one is seeking to improve areas of the skin that have lost collagen or require medical grade treatment. These treatments are usually reserved to address more serious issues, such as acne scars and deep set wrinkles. A day spa involves more common treatments that are sometimes available over the counter and can be done at home. The day spa experience lets individuals receive skin care and health care tips, while providing a pampering experience.


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