3 Overlooked Factors When Comparing Metal Fabrication Companies

by | Jun 22, 2018 | Metal Fabricator


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Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) both large and small, turn to specialized services to complete various aspects of production, fabrication, and assembly of parts and components.

This is not only cost-effective for the OEM but with top supply chain management and high levels of productivity, this can actually create a shorter time to market strategy for a company than trying to complete everything in-house.

Making a choice between different metal fabrication companies can be challenging. There are multiple factors to consider, and all play a role in how well the fabrication and the OEM will be able to work together. While the cost will typically be the bottom line issue the OEM looks for, there are three other factors of equal importance to getting the best partnership in place.

Capacity for Production

Not all metal fabrication companies are in a position to be able to rapidly scale up production as needed. Having the ability to work with a company offering the internal capacity and capability to grow with your needs is critical for an OEM. Not having this in place may mean looking for a new metal fabricator in the not too distant future.

Ability to Customize Services

There are a lot of very successful metal fabrication companies offering a limited range of services. These services may be slightly modified, but the fabrication is not widely customized to the needs of the OEM, rather the OEM chooses the company based on the need for that specific service.
Other metal fabrication companies will have significant flexibility in what they can do. This can include everything the OEM needs from welding to machining, precision cutting, and custom fabrication.

Added Services

Additional services, such as assembly of parts and components, prefinishing, finishing, and inspection may also be important services to consider.
Adding these to part fabrication through one service provider can save time, lower costs and boost production efficiency.

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