Hiring a Lemon Law Lawyer, Find One in NJ

If you live in NJ and you believe you have a lemon, your best option is to contact a lawyer who can help. The state has very specific guidelines for its lemon law in NJ, so before you find an attorney, you should be positive, based on the knowledge that you can find, that your car is, indeed, a lemon. Here are the qualifications for a car to be a lemon in New Jersey:

  • You bought or leased the car
  • The car has a serious defect that affects its use
  • The manufacturer or dealer has tried to fix the car at least three times
  • The vehicle has not been in service for at least 20 cumulative days
  • The vehicle is less than 2-years old and has 24,000 miles or less

Finding a Lawyer

If your vehicle falls into all of these categories, it is very likely that you have a lemon on your hands. Though you can try to fight the manufacturer yourself, it is much better to hire an attorney.

The first step in the process is to talk to friends and family to see if they know of an NJ lawyer who specializes lemon law. If you can’t find someone via that method, you should search online. You should find several options in the Garden State to help. While you are browsing the websites of these lawyers, you should keep an eye out for the following:

  • Experience in New Jersey lemon laws
  • Education
  • Reviews
  • Free case review

Meeting With a Lawyer

Make an appointment for a case review with your chosen attorney. Make sure you bring all of your documentation including receipts, dates, costs, and other documents. Your lawyer will need all of this to see if you have a case.

If you think your car falls under the lemon law, contact Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center in NJ.


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