The Benefits Of Industrial Cooling Fans In Production Facilities

When using misting systems and industrial cooling fans in conjunction with each other, production facilities can see several benefits and tap into some great possibilities for improving working environments while also increasing product protection and quality.

To understand all the benefits of misting systems combined with industrial cooling fans, ideally, all in one easy to install unit, it is helpful to take a look at each advantage or benefit separately. This will definitely make the case as to the practical nature of these systems.

Air Flow and Temperature Control

Using these types of systems provides both air flow as well as cooler temperatures. This occurs because the misting unit is located within the fan. As the micron sized water droplets are expelled from the nozzle, they evaporate, drawing heat from the surrounding air.

This cooler air, which is instantly cooled, is then forced down over the covered radius. This movement of cool air and the increase in humidity cools the entire facility, making a more comfortable working environment that can boost productivity and ensure all facilities are operating within required standards.


Boosting humidity in the air is a natural way to reduce dust. This is important in many working facilities, particularly if there are electric motors in use. Boosting the humidity will support all other protocols in use for reducing the risk of sparks that are linked to explosions and fires in these types of working conditions.

Humidity is also essential for some products and materials. Industrial cooling fans can be used to maintain moisture levels in wood, paper, and textiles, improving the quality of the products or helping in curing or aging processes.

As a low-cost option, these misting fans designed for industrial applications are an important decision. By choosing a top system, it provides a low maintenance and cost option for environmental control in any production or processing facility.


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