Commercial Refrigeration for Restaurants, Find It in California

Restaurant owners throughout California are well aware of the importance of refrigeration. A consistent temperature is needed to keep fruit, vegetables, and meat fresh, longer. The type and the size of the refrigeration unit depends a great deal on the type of restaurant and the menu.
Commercial refrigeration units range in size from small, reach-in refrigerators and freezers to large walk-in units. A restaurant owner or manager must ensure there is no interruption in the business, and that fresh ingredients are available on-demand. Considerable thought must be given to choosing the right refrigeration system, for today, and for the future.


There is a phenomenal number of things to attend to when planning and outfitting a new restaurant. Chief among these is to ensure the kitchen is outfitted with the right equipment. The major factors that influence the choice of commercial refrigeration are the physical size of the space and the concept. A small restaurant, with a limited number of covers, can usually get away with a small refrigerator and freezer. If the fare has been flash frozen prior to delivery, freezer space will be more important that refrigerator space. It is also necessary to take into account replenishment time. Restaurants that can arrange daily deliveries of the fruit, vegetable, meat, and fish need less in the way of refrigeration. This is very different if the restaurant gets weekly deliveries of its fresh ingredients.

Typical Commercial Refrigeration

Typically, restaurants will have one or both types of refrigeration. Reach in and walk in. Reach in chillers and coolers are often located in the bar area or wait staff area. The units are compact and used for chilled beverages and condiments that do not come from the kitchen.
Walk in coolers in California vary in size. They can be compact, not much larger than a closet. They can also be the size of a room. Walk in commercial refrigeration units are ideal for bulk storage of perishables.

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