How to Choose the Right Animal Hospital in Los Angeles

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Health and Fitness


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Your pet is more than just an animal – he or she is a member of your family. That means you need to ensure that you have access to skilled professional care when your pet is ill or injured. How do you find the right animal hospital in Los Angeles, though? A few quick tips will help simplify the process, while ensuring that your pet receives the best possible care.

Reputation in the Community

One of the first considerations to make when comparing animal hospitals is the reputation of the facility and its staff. Is the facility a “bottom dollar” animal hospital? Or do they cater toward higher-end clientele? Does the facility’s veterinarian have a reputation for outstanding care?

Emergency Surgery

Another important consideration when searching for the right animal hospital in Los Angeles is whether or not the facility can provide emergency surgery. If the facility does offer emergency surgery, is it performed by an in-house surgeon, or by a professional that contracts with the animal hospital? It’s always better to choose a facility that has a veterinary surgeon on staff.


You love your pet, and would be devastated if he or she were lost. That’s the situation for too many pet owners in the US today. Thankfully, microchipping can help ensure that you always know where your pet is, even if they get lost. Make sure that the animal hospital you choose offers microchipping and monitoring at an affordable rate.

Medical Equipment

Making an informed diagnosis requires that veterinarians have access to advanced medical equipment, including imaging technology. Does the hospital you are considering have in-house x-ray equipment so that an immediate, accurate diagnosis can be made about your pet’s condition?

All Ages Care

Finally, you need to find out if the animal hospital in Los Angeles you are considering offers specialized care for pets of all ages. You should have access to professional care and knowledge throughout your pet’s life, from infancy all the way through old age. This ensures that you have the help and support necessary to give your pet the quality of life they deserve.

At Angel City Animal Hospital, we believe that love is the best cure. We strive to deliver compassionate, professional care at all times. Our wide range of services, commitment to outstanding care, and advanced facility have allowed us to build a reputation for excellence. We invite you to contact us today at 323-522-3134.

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