A Sculpting Ice Block in Suffolk County, NY Can Make a Statement About Global Warming

Creating works of art from ice blocks is an activity that can make festivals more intriguing for the attendees who marvel at these sculptures. In recent years, artists have begun to use ice block sculptures to make statements about climate change, using the melting ice as a symbol for the Arctic ice sheet becoming smaller every year. A sculpting ice block in Suffolk County, NY can be ordered and delivered if any artist is interested in making the statement locally.

Worldwide Ice Statements

Perhaps the easiest way to communicate the message with a sculpting ice block in Suffolk County, NY is to craft a polar bear from a hard substance and then let everyone watch as it melts. This was done in Copenhagen in 2009 and in Montreal in 2015. The artist in Montreal carved ice that had been layered over a bronze skeleton of a polar bear. That display was intended to last about two weeks, being completed in late autumn so the weather would be cool.

Copenhagen was the site of another symbolic message in 2014, when pieces of icebergs from Greenland were brought to the city and allowed to melt. The ice weighed some 100 tons in total. In 2018, giant pieces of glacial ice were brought to London from Greenland.

About Greenland

Greenland is a Danish territory. Despite the island’s name, much of the land is covered in ice. Most of the island is above the latitude point known as the Arctic Circle. People might question why transporting pieces of the icebergs is acceptable if global warming is diminishing the polar ice caps. These chunks of ice had already broken free and were adrift in the fjord.

Communicating a Message

A company such as Long Island Ice & Fuel delivers blocks for sculpting purposes. Of course, their customers typically don’t want 100 tons of ice, nor do they want it shipped in from Greenland. An artist can still make a statement about global warming by carving a polar bear and placing it on display outside during the winter. It will melt little by little, just as the ice caps seem to be doing.


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