Benefits Offered by Chlorine Free Swimming Pools

Chances are when you think of swimming pools, you also think of the typical strong chlorine smell, burning eyes and green hair. While there are positive things about swimming in these pools, the fact is, there is a better option: chlorine free swimming pools. Our pools come in all types, but at Clearwater Pool Systems, we have begun to notice an increase in popularity regarding our chlorine free models.

Save Money and Time

One of the biggest benefits offered by chlorine free swimming pools is that they can save you both money and time. Since you will not have to purchase or add chemicals to your spa and pool, you can save a large amount of money. Additionally, it is a healthy option, unlike the salt water pool options. We offer chlorine free pools, ensuring you can have a healthy, affordable and efficient pool.

No Adverse Reactions

When you utilize our chlorine free swimming pools, you will not have to worry about the typical adverse reactions that can occur in chlorine pools:

1. Drying out of your skin
2. Burning of your eyes
3. Ruining your swim wear
4. Turning your hair green

This makes the entire swimming experience much more fun and enjoyable. When you get out of the chlorine free pool you do not have to remove the chlorine by shampooing and shower – there are no harsh chemicals present in the water.

Benefits for the Pool’s Infrastructure

Another huge benefit offered by chlorine free swimming pools from our selection of pools at Clearwater Pools is that it will eliminate the stains and scaling that are usually the result of chemicals and calcium build up. This helps your pool last longer and look great longer. This minimizes the maintenance and upkeep required on your part, helping you to save time.

Increased Water Quality and Minimal Care

When you install one of our chlorine free pool systems, you will find that the water is much easier to maintain. Your pumps only have to be running for a period of six to ten hours each day. If you have a salt water pool you have to keep the pump running 24 hours a day. Additionally the chlorine free swimming pools have an extremely low cost for operating, less than one dollar each month in many cases.

There is no question that the chlorine free swimming pools we offer at Clearwater Pools are becoming more and more popular. These pools offer a number of benefits, including a healthy swimming environment that is also easy to clean and maintain. We offer continued service for these pools when they are installed. This will ensure your pool remains looking great and functioning properly.


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