Rear Loader Garbage Truck- A Brief Introduction

Any individual who is part of the waste disposal business will know that it is a pretty lucrative industry. For starters, everyone needs waste disposal. As the population in urban areas has grown significantly, more and more companies have arisen in order to deal with the rising demands for waste disposal. One of the staple features of a waste disposal company is the rear loader garbage truck, also known commonly as the waste disposal truck. The rear loader garbage truck is different from conventional hauling trucks, and is designed to maximize the amount of waste the truck can haul by utilizing a compactor, while the waste itself remains properly contained.

A rear loader garbage truck is a complex machine utilizing hydraulics, horsepower, torque and computers to properly collect, haul and dispose of waste. The sizes of a rear loader garbage truck can vary depending upon the requirements of the company. They are typically as small as 7 yards, but can go as high as 32 yards. The most common size for rear loaders is 25 yards. A 25 yard rear loader typically has no need for a lift or pusher axle which would raise the cost of the chassis needed for the rear load body.

How Does It Work?

A rear loader garbage truck is a large compactor unit. These units must be loaded manually by a person picking up and dumping trash cans into the hopper at the back of the truck. There are many options to relieve the worker from this labor intensive job. The most common method is the use of one or 2 cart tippers. These are hydraulic mechanisms fitted to the back of the truck. Once in place the cart tippers essentially pick up and dump the trash cans. This relieves a lot of the physical requirements from this very labor intensive job. Once the hopper is full the operator will cycle the hopper which will pull the trash into the compactor. The compactor has its own cycle which compacts the trash allowing for maximum storage and less trips to the landfill. Once at the landfill the hopper/tailgate is opened by hydraulic controls and the packer blade ejects the trash out of the rear loader.

Are Parts Readily Available?

Generally Rear loader parts are sold by companies that specialize in the waste industry. Finding the parts you need simply comes down to connecting with people that know the trucks and the bodies. Some manufacturers however have sold their brand multiple times over the years or simply shut down making it much more difficult to track down the parts needed to repair these units.


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