Pool Renovation Can Rejuvenate Your Old Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool fitted on the grounds of your property is quite a pleasure. Not only does it give you a chance to throw great pool parties and have a dip whenever you feel like it but also, it is sure to increase the overall value of your property. Should your pool have faced a lot of wear and tear in its time, chances are the tiles may have fallen away from the walls, the ladder to get in and out of the pool might be loose, or the filters might have become blocked. Whatever is causing your pool to lose its charm, it is worth considering pool renovation, as opposed to getting an entirely new one fitted. Read on to discover the benefits of renovation services from a professional.

Treating Broken Down Surfaces

Pools that were treated with chemicals, such as chlorine, will suffer more than pools filled with fresh or saltwater. Even more so, your skin will suffer when it is exposed to chemicals on an ongoing basis. As the surface begins to break down it will need to be resurfaced, which a pool renovation expert can do for you. All of the effects of constant cleaning and chemical use will be eliminated once the renovation process is complete, so you can forget about cracked, porous and discoloured surfaces from ruining your swimming experience.

Improving Filtration

The water in a pool must be well filtered, regardless of how often it is used. If the filtration is pretty poor you will know, because the clarity of the water won’t be as clear and it will appear more stagnant, rather than fresh. Pools with bad filtration will also attract insects and algae may start growing, so if you notice these signs, you ought to pay an expert to fit a new filtration system. This will be part of the renovation process and is one of the many stages, such as cleaning equipment and fully tiling the pool.

The Latest Application Methods

A pool renovation specialist will maintain a lot of knowledge in regards to what application methods would be best for particular pools. Examples of some applications that may be applied include an epoxy coating (which can be used on concrete, vinyl and fibreglass pools), painting (which offers a flawless finish), fibreglass coating systems and standard white render. For a natural look, ask the renovation expert about pebblecrete, which is a mixture of stones and will highly accentuate the surface of the pool.

If your swimming pool is in need of updating, rely on the professional team at Design Pools to get the job done. Call 0418 212 933 for a pool renovation quote.


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