Benefits of Aluminum Plasma Cutting in Kent, WA

Plasma cutting is becoming increasingly popular among metal manufacturers with good reason. This process uses a gas jet to cut through metal six inches thick or less at extremely high temperatures. Read on to find out about a few of the benefits of aluminum plasma cutting in Kent, WA business owners appreciate the most.

Cutting Speed

Plasma cutting can be used to cut metal five times faster than traditional methods like manual torches. Robotic plasma cutters can cut up to 500 inches per minute, which means that customers can expect their projects to be completed much faster. That translates to decreased downtime and increased productivity.

Eliminate Plate Warping

Since plasma cutting happens so fast, heat only needs to be applied to the aluminum for a short period. This helps to reduce plate warping in metals less than ¼ of an inch thick, which are often affected substantially by slower cutting methods like oxyfuel cutting.

Cut Multiple Plates

With Aluminum plasma cutting Kent, WA metal fabricators can cut multiple plates at once. This allows them to work faster and use less energy to produce the same products. It also improves metal fabricators’ abilities to produce uniform sheets.

Precision Cuts

Creating precision cuts is comparatively easy with plasma cutters. This allows operators to cut different shapes and angles into sheet metal without wasting time or materials.

Increased Safety for Operators

Since the gas used for plasma cutting is not highly flammable, this metal cutting method is safer than most traditional processes. Only trained and experienced metal fabricators can use plasma cutters, but even the most experienced professionals can still make mistakes. There is far less likelihood of personal injury when metal fabricators use plasma cutters.

Lower Price

Since plasma cutting produces less waste and requires less labor, it’s typically more cost-effective for metal fabricators. That adds up to increased savings for customers.

The Bottom Line

Plasma cutting offers metal fabricators a precise and efficient way to cut aluminum and other metals to customers’ exact specifications. Anyone looking for precision metal fabrication services can trust Specialty Metals to provide excellent customer service and professional results. Visit Online today to learn more about available products and services.

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