Avoid Messy Backups With Superior Drain Cleaning in Marion IA

Plumbing problems can be very irritating, especially when those problems are clogged drains or a blockage in the sewer pipe. When this happens, the first step is to call for Drain Cleaning Marion IA. Drains typically clog close to the outlets because the pipe is fitted with a trap designed to block sewer gases from entering the building. These traps, or P-traps as they are commonly known, are ‘U’ or ‘S’ shaped pieces of pipe that hold liquid in the crook. Unfortunately, they can also accumulate a lot of other debris as well. Kitchen sinks are known for collecting waste food while bathrooms drains tend to accumulate hair.

Cleaning the trap is fairly easy. The real problem comes when attempting to remove or re-install the trap. This is due to the possibility of cross-threading the fittings. Household drains are usually made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) which means the threads are very easily damaged. It is even possible to replace the pieces and not realize the threads didn’t seat properly. The end result is a leaking drain every time the stopper is pulled.

A more serious problem for Drain Cleaning Marion IA is the clogged sewer pipe. A blockage can occur when sewage builds up in any particular area. Clogs of this type happen because the drainage system is a low pressure environment. The only force moving the waste is gravity. This presents a problem when roots or other types of blockages occur because the waste isn’t moving quick enough to force its way past the obstruction. Roots tend to occur when pipe joints become loose or disconnected. Once a few roots locate moisture, the rest will force the joint further apart as they grow towards this new source of water.

The most common way to fix a blockage is the rooter tool. This is a long, flexible cable with an augur for piercing any clogs. Piercing the blockage will allow water to rush through and wash the remainder away. To ensure the pipe is clean, the contractor may use the video snake. This tool is similar to the rooter except the attachment is a video camera. This high-tech system makes diagnosing failures much easier. To learn more visit the experts at Rotorootercedarrapidsiowa.com.


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