The Most Common Causes of Auto Radiator Repair Service in Fort Riley KS

The radiator in a car has a big job. It keeps a car cool during hot summer months and prevents it from freezing during winter months. If something goes awry with a radiator, it can cause a car to overheat, which can cause an engine to stop working. The best way to avoid damaging the engine block of a vehicle is to have any radiator problems repaired at the first sign of trouble. A shop that offers auto radiator repair service in Fort Riley KS will be able to diagnose the problem and remedy it quickly. Here are just a few of the common causes of radiator issues.

Leaks Within the System

The most common cause of radiator issues is a leak within the system. The gaskets and seals within a radiator wear out with age, and this can cause leaks to form. Most drivers can identify a leak by the sweet smell of antifreeze that radiates from the engine compartment when a leak is present. A repair shop will be able to repair gaskets and ensure the radiator unit is leak free.

Frozen Radiator

When coolant levels drop within a radiator, the unit is susceptible to freezing. Most cars will alert a driver when levels are too low, and if they are not topped off it can cause the internal temperature of the radiator to drop too low and freeze. When this occurs the only course of action is to completely replace the unit. Be sure to check fluid levels regularly to prevent issues associated with low coolant levels from occurring.

Old Hoses

The radiator in a car pressurizes the antifreeze while the engine is running. If the hoses of the system are old, it can cause the pressure to drop and not provide an adequate flow of the cooling fluid to the engine. This can be detected by the presence of leaks, or a higher than average engine temperature when the car is running. While topping off the fluid level can help, the problem should be fixed by a qualified Auto Radiator Repair Service in Fort Riley KS to ensure future problems don’t arise.

It is important to keep the radiator in a car running properly. If a problem is suspected, be sure to contact Ekart Automotive Service. Their team of certified mechanics will be able to fix the problems once and for all. Call today or click here to learn more about the services offered.


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