Why Choose a Velux Skylight for Your Home?

Are you paying more than you would like to be paying for electricity and heating? If so, consider spending some money getting a Velux skylight fitted. Skylights of this kind come in a wide range of styles, including top hung, conservation style, balcony, roof terrace and centre pivot. Whatever skylight design you choose, you should make sure that an experienced Velux installer can weather-proof the windows properly and perform the job to the highest quality. There are many good reasons to get a skylight fitted, from the fact that they welcome plenty of sunlight, to their energy-efficient properties. Let’s find out more about the benefits associated with these energy-saving home products, shall we?

Velux Skylights are Tried and Tested for Quality

Skylights made by the Velux range are constantly being tested to ensure quality is at its height. This means that you won’t have to worry about weather-proofing problems, leaks and such. A complete skylight system will have been tested in controlled conditions and all of the essential components will be tested for quality before the skylights are put together. The revolutionary design and hardwearing structure puts Velux skylights ahead of most other brands.

Skylights Have a Timeless Design

Relatively simplistic in the way they look, Velux skylights are timelessly designed and will look classic in pretty much any surrounding. You can even pick frames in colours and materials that match well with your home’s existing theme, so there will be no need to keep updating the windows and keep spending money on what should be a one-off investment. Reliable and predictable in their performance when the weather takes a turn for the worst, skylights will give the home a minimalist feel. What’s more, they are elegant and are created with strong, yet attractive Velux components.

Building Energy Performance Will Be Improved Once They are Fitted

Linear expansion coefficiency, a high strength score and good thermal conductivity makes these slimline windows suitable for use on most buildings. Even when there are thermal fluctuations, the window will maintain its dimensional properties, so you can expect energy performance to remain good. This eliminates the need for heating and cooling, showing how this investment is worthwhile in the long-run. Similar to timber in its insulation properties, a Velux skylight possesses the strength of metal, such as aluminium. They are also fairly kind to the environment.

Your home can be transformed with a Velux skylight if you work with Super Skylights. For a quote, call 08 9302 1477.


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