Are Your Disability Benefits Denied?

Veterans make considerable sacrifices in their personal lives in order to defend the United States of America. Many veterans become injured or disabled as a direct result of their service to the USA. For some of those veterans, their claims for disability are denied. Our lawyer for veterans disability works on your behalf in order to protect your rights.

When you can no longer remain in active duty, a disability claim may be your only option in order to guarantee an income and access to healthcare services. You may even have dependents who are relying on your income for shelter, food and utilities. If your claim is denied because of an error or an oversight, you might become frustrated or lose out on money that you need in order to have shelter, food and essential medical care. By working with our lawyers, you can take action to protect your rights.

There are many reasons why a claim may be denied on your first try. It could be something as simple as a transposed number in your dates of service. Perhaps you forgot to sign a page. It is also possible that someone in the Veteran’s Administration misread some of your information or made an error. We find the root cause of your claim denial and work to get the issue corrected so that your claim can be approved.

We understand that the stress of a claim denial can be overwhelming. We do everything we can in order to assist you through the process of appealing a denied claim for veteran’s disability services. Let us represent you and your disability claim. To learn more about a lawyer for a veterans disability claim, contact us at Jackson & MacNichol Law offices today. You can also learn more about our law practice at


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