A Divorce Attorney in Bethlehem PA Can Help Clients Get Alimony

Although most people have heard of alimony, many do not know what it is or how it pertains to a divorce in Pennsylvania. In this guide, readers will learn more about alimony and how a Divorce Attorney in Bethlehem PA can help them get the support they need.

What Is It?

Alimony, sometimes referred to as spousal support, is an award made along with a divorce decree. This means that the Pennsylvania family court will assess both parties’ needs and try to create economic parity by ordering one spouse to support the other.

How is the Amount Determined?

What the amount of spousal support one receives is determined by his or her needs, in consideration of the standard of living established during the marriage. The paying spouse’s financial situation is another factor the courts consider.

Is There a Difference Between Alimony and Spousal Support?

Alimony is paid after the divorce decree is entered and the divorce is finalized. Spousal support is for the financial assistance, maintenance, and care of a dependent spouse. Alimony pendente lite is given temporarily while a divorce is pending. The alimony claim must be filed before the divorce decree is entered, or the claim is waived.

What is Alimony For?

The purpose of alimony is not to punish one spouse and reward the other. Rather, it is given to ensure that the dependent spouse can meet his or her reasonable needs while they receive schooling or find a job.

When is it Given?

In the state of Pennsylvania, alimony is decided after equitable distribution takes place, and it depends on what each party receives. The court considers multiple factors when determining an award, and it must explain the award in consideration of those factors.

Are There Multiple Types of Spousal Support or Alimony?

Alimony is usually a periodic payment from one spouse to another. However, parties sometimes attempt to fashion alimony awards by treating mortgage payments and other types of financial assistance as spousal support or alimony.

If a spouse has questions about alimony or spousal support, they can contact a Divorce Attorney in Bethlehem PA. The firm’s lawyers have years of experience in this area, and they can help clients get a fair alimony award if needed. Visit the website for more details or call the office today to schedule an appointment.


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