What Gay Men for Hire in NYC Want You to Know

Ever wondered if there were a few things that gay men for hire in NYC want you to know? The answer is a resounding yes. There are many topics that come up when talking to gay male escorts and many of them can be helpful to know for those who hire these men. We compiled a list of some of the things that these men wish more of their clients knew.

About Payment & Rates

Most escorts expect that you pay them upfront. This isn’t something that is negotiable. However, you should also expect the escort to request the money from you in case you’re nervous or forget to do so on your own. Also, the rate is not negotiable so don’t try to get a deal. This will make the entire situation awkward and may even lead the escort to bail on the date.

Politeness is Appreciated

Even if you have a wad of money to drop, you’ll find that being rude, aggressive, or insulting will often get you ignored. You also should avoid sending overly forward messages unless that’s something you’ve previously spoken about. On the same topic, if you see one of your favorite gay men for hire in NYC while at the coffee shop or gym, avoid pushing the conversation. Small talk is fine, but not all escorts want to talk about their job in public places.

Leave a Review

If you have a good time with your date, take a few seconds out of your day to leave a good review. It’s not uncommon for people to read these before choosing to contact a man. By leaving a positive review, you ensure this person continues to bring in customers and is successful. You can also feel free to ask the escort if they want you to refer them to someone you think might be interested in their services.

Regulars are Appreciated

At nearly any job, having the same customer come in feels good. You know what they like and have a connection with them already. Any new client runs the risk of being a person who causes problems so seeing regulars is always appreciated. If you enjoy the man you go out with once, consider making another date at another time.

Fantastic Encounters in NYC

At Nu Encounters, we offer an elite collection of companions for the discerning male. You can visit our website at www.NuEncounters.com to learn more about our men or set up an appointment.


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