Are You Ready for Personal Training?

When it’s time to get in shape, there are many different routes you can choose to meet your goals. Personal training is often one of the most effective, but it’s important to be prepared for what signing up for personal training entails. Here are some things you should know.

Your trainer will expect you to commit to regular sessions. Though most trainers are flexible when you need to reschedule due to illness, vacations or business travel, there is an expectation that you will adhere to a regular schedule of training. Of course, this is also the best way to ensure you meet your fitness goals, too.

Your trainer will expect you to accept his recommendations for exercises. Your trainer will talk with you about what types of exercise you enjoy, to create a workout that is most enjoyable for you. However, your trainer also has a responsibility to create a workout that provides you with a good overall body workout and will expect you to be willing to perform the exercises he chooses for you. After all, you are paying him for his expertise.

Your trainer will expect a time commitment. Most trainers expect a minimum commitment from you, such as signing on to work with them on a month-by-month basis. A trainer cannot effectively work with you if you are not willing to commit to at least a month of personal training.

Your trainer will have these expectations of you when you begin working with him, but all of these are put in place to ensure that personal training yields you the results you desire. Your exercise program will be far more effective when you follow these guidelines, so it’s important to ensure you’re really committed to the idea of a regular workout before sign up for personal training in NYC.


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